A Summer Place


There's            a summer place  
Where it may rain or storm, yet I'm safe and warm
 For within         that summer place  
Your arms reach out to me,
 And my heart is free from all cares         for it knows   
There are no gloomy skies when seen through the eyes
Of those who are blessed with love.
And the sweet secret of         a summer place  
Is that it's anywhere when two people share
D G Em Am7 D G Em Am7 D G (KEY CHANGE) G7
All their hopes, all their dreams, all their love.
  There's       a summer place      where it may rain     or storm,
Yet I'm safe    and warm in your arms,  
        In your arms,         in your arms  

Am Bb C C7 Dm Dm7 Em F G G7
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Tuning: (CGBD)
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